We Love Cats and Small Pets Too!

Our cat sitters offer professional reliable care for your cats and other small pets. Our visits allow them to stay in their own home when you’re away, whether it’s for a weekend break or a two-week trip. 


Specialized Cat Care

Cats at Home Blue Springs Lee's Summit Cats at Home Pet SittingWe specialize in cats! Our pet sitters know that for cats, there’s simply no place like home! They’re creatures of habit and simply adore their home comforts. By staying at home, they can follow their usual diet and normal routines. Of course, they’ll miss you while you’re away, but being in a familiar, secure environment means that they will be as happy and content as much as possible!


Our pet sitters are PASSIONATE about cats!

Cat SittersOur sitters will do their best, in every way, to keep your kitty happy and healthy while you’re away. Our goal is to make sure that your fur baby receives the best in-home care in the area. We pride ourselves on our service, reliability and dedication. We love cats and they are our  passion, so we dedicate our time to caring for your feline friends. Cats at Home Pet Sitting allows your fur babies the opportunity to enjoy being the focus of attention.” You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your fur babies are in capable hands!

Small Animal Pet Sitting

Justin Ferret with Kim

As animal lovers, we don’t stop at cats. We ‘ve provided affectionate care for rabbits, ferrets, birds, and many other small animals.

Cuddly Cat Sitters

Dog Walker

Our cuddly cat care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines who deserves the absolute best pampering and playtime. We know cats!

Tender Loving Care

Jill Bird Sitter

We care for most types of animals. We provide them with fresh food and water, bedding, exercise, and complete loving care.

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More Than Just Cat Care!

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  • Education
  • Community outreach
  • Head-to-Tail evaluation
  • Your fur babies can stay in familiar surroundings while being cared for by a professional insured pet sitter. They will receive plenty of love and attention while in their own home and their routine will not be disrupted. A boarding facility can be a traumatic place for a cat. They are exposed to unfamiliar surroundings and the possible illness of other animals. A pet sitter will also watch over your home, notify you if there is a problem with your house or your pet, bring in mail and packages, turn on/off lights and take out the trash/recycle bins to give your house a lived-in look.Kathleen & Kitty

  • Choosing the right pet sitter to care for your feline family member is a very important!  We offer you a complimentary Meet & Greet consultation. This will help to ensure that you and your furry friends are comfortable with us, give you a chance to ask questions and also learn more about what we have to offer. We are more than just a pet sitting company Our visits are not based on time like some other area pet sitters. Each Kitty and small animal Pet has specific needs and routines. Therefore, our visits are based on a flat rate, full service and quality guaranteed.cute-happy-cat-cartoon-illustration-


  • All of the pet sitters Cats At Home are individual business owners who set their own prices. Your pet sitter will discuss services and pricing at your initial complimentary meeting.Alex the cat

  • To ensure availability, it is best to contact us as soon as you anticipate you will need our services. If a last minute need arises please do not hesitate to call; we maybe able accommodate you.

  • Your pet sitter will bring a copy of our service agreement. The information needed is as follows: personal contact information, emergency contact information, veterinarian name & number, pet(s) information including medical history, and proof of current vaccinations. We will also need a key to your home and the names of anyone else who may be entering the home while we are caring for your pet.

  • Clients generally pay for our pet sitting services by the first visit of the service period. However exceptions may be arranged. Some our Pet Sitters accept credit cards other Pet Sitters in  the process establishing service to  accept Credit Card payments.

Our Educational Library

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    Finding A New Home For You And Your Pet

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    Pets Fight Mental Illness At Your Side

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    Cats Need Plenty Of Water

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    10 Signs Of Cat Love 1. Head Butting-(‘bunting’), is when a cat is rubbing his scent on you and saying ‘you’re mine.’ 2. Power Purring: when a cat’s purr is loud, vibrating, and powerful, you know your cat is feeling loved. 3. Kneading– when a cat is kneading your lap, especially if drooling at  the […]

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Cats At Home Pet Sitter“Ginger has been our ‘first call’ pet sitter for several years. Ginger is professional, dependable, responds quickly to our requests, and we trust her in our home. She leaves us notes or a text about each visit, and we are confident she can handle any issue. Ginger is the closest thing to us being there ourselves!“
——–Andy & Tammy Heath

“For the past two years, my husband and I have hired Kathleen take care of our home and animal “children” when Cats At Home Pet Sitter Kathleenwe are out of town.  She has been nothing short of wonderful, and the animals and house are always perfect upon our return.  Kathleen is responsible, conscientious and observant.  She has noticed animal changes from prior visits, and doesn’t hesitate to question if there is an issue to be concerned about.   We recommend her without reservations.” — Catherine Cozad